Film soundtrack: ‘Graces Fall’

A couple of months ago, I was asked to write a score for a short film called ‘Graces Fall’.   Unfortunately I haven’t been able to upload the video just yet, but I hope to shortly!

The three pieces below are taken from the end credits, opening scene and another scene taken form the middle part of the film.


New Year. New Tunes.

Two new techno tunes from myself below… Hope you enjoy!



2012 is gonna be a year of music-making! Expect to hear much more over the coming months… 🙂

Film soundtrack: ‘She Don’t Look Back’

I have recently produced a soundtrack for Christopher Brown’s short conceptual art film, ‘She Don’t Look Back’.  I hope to be able to post the actual film online very soon, but in the meantime here’s the soundtrack which I hope you enjoy:

December 2011 Chart

1) Function – Descending [Sandwell District]

2) Abstract Division – Floating Point (Delta Funktionen remix) [Dynamic Reflection]

3) The Fear Ratio – Mas [Blueprint Records]

4) Ben Sims – The Afterparty [Drumcode]

5) Raiz & Truncate – Rhythm [Droid Recordings]

6) Truncate – 1 [Affin]

7) Joachim Spieth – Sensual [Affin]

8) Ryan Elliott – Kicking Up [Spectral Sound]

9) Sascha Rydell – Rappel [Fachwerk Records]

10) Tom Hades – Padisa [Rhythm Converted]

Have yourself some very merry techno!

I know that I’m posting this one a couple of weeks too late, but better late than never 🙂

It’s also been a very long time since I’ve posted on the blog, but I have decided to keep the blog alive and I shall be posting regularly on here throughout 2012.. Hope you enjoye the mix below!

Featuring tracks by: Audio Injection, Raiz, Truncate, Roman Lindau, Delta Funktionen, Kevin Gorman, Jeroen Search, Tom Hades, Ben Sims, Marcel Dettmann, Psyk + more… [full tracklist coming soon]

ULTRAPLAY 22.05.11

This month’s Ultraplay will be taking place on Sunday 22nd May (not at the end of the month this time) Following on from last months completely MENTAL and totally PACKED Easter bank holiday party with the return of the exceptionally talented and very popular DJ… Jackie Misfit!! The full line-up is as follows:

  • JACKIE MISFIT (Budenzauber / Echolette)
  • GARETH WILD (Ear To Ground)
  • RUSTAR (Press Play)
  • DARREN C (Ultraplay)
  • MAKER + MEYER (The Lab)

Jackie Misfit, who joined Ultraplay way back in June 2006 is the longest standing UP regular and is arguably one of Ultraplay’s finest ever DJ’s.  Her production skills are equally brilliantly entertaining, attracting her ‘Mama Cocha’ release on quality German experimental-minimalist label ‘Budenzauber’ and more recently the ‘Roots n’ Culture EP released on her own label Echolette Records.

Jackie has also just made a fresh new summer mix which’ll be released this weekend 13/05/11 as the new Ultraplay Podcast 026. Be sure to check this cool mix out on the Ultraplay website: this weekend.

Fabrizia was due to play this party but she’s had to pull out of this one, so watch this space to find out who’ll be rockin’ the decks instead….

‘EarToGround’ mastermind, Gareth Wild, will also be joining us. Gareth has been catching everyone’s attention with his excellent techno parties which have been causing a storm on the circuit.  He recently hosted the UK’s first Stroboscopic Artefacts Showcase as well as making his debut appearance for WetYourSelf at fabric and now is also a regular at Jaded. With ‘EarToGround Records’ in the pipeline as well as lots more exciting Techno parties pencilled in for this year and 2012, you can expect to be hearing a lot more from this guy.

That leaves our faithful DJ rockers Darren C and Maker + Meyer who’ll be pumping up this cracking big summer party with their awesome Techno music!

Doors open at MID-DAY this month! Try and get down early as the party is full to capacity very quickly allowing only one-in & one-out!!

Hope to see you there!



Cafe 1001
91 Brick Lane
E1 6SE

12:00 – 0:00


\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ REVIEW: VOID @ Public Life (19.02.11)

VOID @ Public Life: Club Reflections – Time to do some research by exploring what new club session VOID has to offer us with their 12 hour Saturday Techno-thon..

The guy’s playing when we came in, David Chung and Ed Uno Frost, were pumping out well primed tech-minimal numbers with spacious beats & intelligent percussive movement providing a hop & a skip to the proceedings – some nice harmonization could be heard in the blend, which is a clever thing to be honest & shows that a set has been planned properly & not just relying on the ‘sameness’ of some styles to help along with the mix… this was just what was required as Paul & myself turned up around 4pm >> some deeper cut’s were being played too which allowed for some bass saturation to sweep through the place .. very nice.

Rob Meyer really did start to get proceeding rolling along with a chunky dynamic forward momentum style percussive workout tune assault that keep the pace with simple short well timed little breaks, skilfully worked by himself, keeping the cliché to a minimum and just getting on with the energy of the moment >> driving & yet bouncy seemed to be Rob’s music policy box with lot’s of bass groove filling the gaps between the beats… very enjoyable and I am going to approach Rob & Feronia in the near future to focus a little more on who they are and what they are projecting into the future.

Natylia Petkova aka ‘Feronia’ really did take me by surprise as a good proportion of the music was very forthright & direct in a techno fashion – I was rather amazed to hear ‘Analogue’ CLR Rework on the go, which was a dangerous move you know … I could see some people with an air of contention on their faces, whilst others picked up on the toughness & dug into the momentum … I say dangerous because this is where VOID seems to be pitching it’s music policy… that zone where there is a blending of more accessible techno with tracks which may be looked upon as too powerful by some of the crowd .. at last !!

… a gig which dares to scare a few souls on the dance-floor arena and yet is picking the right players who understand that you can’t go too far in one direction .. contrast is the key .. it can be very difficult to gradually up the pressure and then release in such a way that keeps all folk happy on the dance floor & Natylia managed to do that most expertly indeed… it seemed like she blended two tracks in increments just to ease the pressure down to manageable proportions (impressed I was).

Randolph stepped up to the podium & the thing I like about this is he took the time to quiet the music so that folks could show their appreciation for Natylia & her efforts … this is a policy we highly respect as techno has become very faceless in times gone by & a job well done should be appreciated – and an intimate environment is a perfect place for this…

Randolph certainly has his idea of music policy firmly in place & holds it to the letter, delivering a groove energy for the crowd which made for lot’s of whoops n whistles as folk understood where the next chapter was heading – very percussive & highly accessable techno here, feeling poised and naturally ready to build up the pressure within any of the mix & again letting the place saturate in bass for a while n then easing off for nice easy pockets of contrast … I like that >>& himself like the other players before him were not afraid to play cool tracks from over a year ago too… I like that too.

Another point is once again I’ve found another rave zone that has an equal measure of boys and girls in the place .. very healthy for any party as it creates much more of a dynamic in the way of atmosphere & certainly one that encourages a return journey for anyone who likes to dot about the party scene…

So… Big thumbs up there from myself & Paul to Randolph and the team and I have a big feeling that Randolph’s enthusiasm for the music & the party will shine through to make ‘VOID’ the place to be – a good effort & lot’s of smiley friendly faces made for a great party and you would be wise to pay attention to the music policy put forward as you can bet your bottom dollar that this is where the popular Techno music front will be heading to … for sure!